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The place to get well adjusted for over 30 years. 

Based in Burbank, California, Buena Vista Chiropractic provides services to a wide array of patients. Our office specializes in healing with long-lasting results.  Dr. Suarez brings extensive experience and current knowledge on the latest research in chiropractic care.  Serving the Los Angeles area, Dr. Suarez offers a range of customized care to each patient. 

At Buena Vista Chiropractic, Dr. Suarez seeks to identify specific solutions for individual needs.  In order to optimize patient health, we recognize that there is not one solution for all, there are various techniques offered to produce a positive outcome.  All of the care at Buena Vista Chiropractic is administered by Dr. Suarez.  

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Areas of Practice


Everyone benefits from a balanced spine, we encourage regular adjustments.  To feel better in your own body, chiropractic care alleviates physical stress. 

Automobile Accidents  

Full service facilitation for automobile accidents includes provision of resources needed to facilitate your case.  To alleviate additional efforts during a stressful situation, our offices are experienced in offering the necessary components to support you. 


From babies to geriatrics, chiropractic services are customized to support your journey through life.  We offer specialized care for all ages.  

Sports Injuries

Acute or chronic injuries are treated at Buena Vista Chiropractic.  We provide a treatment plan that includes preventative care and education of safe exercise habits to reduce future occurences of your sports injury.  

Work Injuries  

Authorized workers' compensation insurance accepted.  We will work together to devise a plan to achieve optimal health. 

Sports Physicals

A typical sports physical for High School can be completed at Buena Vista Chiropractic.  This includes any and all sports requiring a physical evaluation prior to participation.


The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease
— Thomas Edison


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